Our brand

Creator of the brand

Mónica Vázquez, creator and founder of the brand MOVA MEXICO, was born in Guadalajara Jalisco. It is in the year 2016 when she starts with the creation of a talavera handcraft jewelry line and a line of hand chiseled and with appliques of chaquira beads handcrafted handbags made by herself and by our huichol artisans; totally handmade products taking care of all the details to obtain products of the highest quality.

“By traveling and meeting many Mexican artisans is how I have learned from them and have given each finished piece the value it deserves. It is part of my inspiration and passion for things made in Mexico, what drives me to continue designing and creating pieces that have that touch of handcraft tradition with a self and unique personality. By creating accessories we should have in our hands because they form part of our culture and pride of our roots.”